Hello there! Are you thinking of visiting Myanmar anytime soon? As a travel blogger, I have suggested some amazing Myanmar Destinations that you might want to explore when you are in Myanmar.


Putao is a beautiful remote town in northern Myanmar. Putao is also well known for its old fort, which was built under British rule. Mr W. A. Hertz was assigned to Putao as the first Resident of the British Government. The fort was named ” Fort Hertz ” in his honour.
Putao is surrounded by snow-capped ranges of beautiful mountains from north to south. It stands at a height of 13,744 ft above sea level. The warmest period is from June to August with a temperature of about 36.8oC, the coldest period starts from November and lasts until February with a temperature of 03.8oC. The national races, who live together harmoniously in the union.
(Sleeping bag will be essential).

Keng – Tung

Keng -Tung, the sleepy but historic centre for the state’s Khun culture, surrounded by Wa, Shan, Akha and Lahu villages. Built around a small lake and crumbling British colonial architecture, Kengtung is probably the most scenic town in the Shan State. Golden Triangle centre of Kengtung is famous for its diverse hill tribes and colourful markets.

Dannyawady or Mrauk-U

Mrauk-U was built by King Min Saw Mun in 792 ME. There are ruined palace walls of ancient Rakhine kings still standing and bears witness to the fact that it was once the seat of ancient Rakhine kings.

Mrauk-U is a town where there are many ancient cultural works and the pride of Rakhine State.

Dannyawady, the town in which generations of Rakhine kings built their palace and ruled over the people, is situated some fifty miles from Sittway on the banks of the Kispanadi or Kaladan River.

Ngapali Beach

Ngapali Beach is known for its blue sea, silver sand and fresh coconut lemonade, which resembles Nepali of Italy.

Ngwe Saung Beach

Ngwe Saung, situated on the western seaboard of the country, facing the Bay of Bengal is the newest “cool” spot not only for the young and upwardly mobile executives but also for the family. The whole beach is approximately 9 miles long and bordered by tall, green, palms, swaying gently in the breeze. This is where the rain forest meets the ocean.

Andaman Club

It is non-stop enjoyment. From fishing, windsurfing and the best of scuba-diving under the silvery waters of the Andaman, to island hopping our speedboats that also take you down to the scenic virgin island of St. Luke’s.

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