Be it you are the first time travelling to Myanmar or the re-visitor, those are the interesting tour programmes that you might be interested to explore. 


Pindaya is known as “Myanma’s Switzerland” for its pleasant climate and famous for its cave. You can see more than 8,000 Buddha images which have been put in the famous Pindaya Caves over the centuries.

Inlay Lake

Inlay Lake is situated in the hazy blue mountains of the Shan Plateau. This is the land of unique leg-rowers. It is also famous for its floating markets and floating firms.┬áPadaung ladies, with a giraffe neck, believe that the beauty of the ladies lies in a long neck which makes them as graceful as a swan’s.


Lashio ‘s crowning glory is the imperial Chinese Temple, situated on a hillside overlooking the town. It is the biggest Chinese temple in Myanmar, certainly the finest and provides a stunning vista of the locality. Then there are the celebrated hot springs —


Beyond Lashio to the north lie the border towns of Mu-Se and Namkham. The latter is famous for its bazaar, which is held once every five days. It is also the converging point for a variety of hill tribes.


Bhamo lies near the Second Defiles of the Ayeyarwady River. After leaving Bhamo the river passes through the second defile which provides some of the most majestic scenes by cutting through a limestone mass. In its narrowest part, the defile is less than 100 m wide and is shut in by forest-clad vertical cliffs rising to 300 m. Often the traveller seems to be heading towards a cliff until a tree-crowded headland is turned and green waters gleam in the blue. It is only seven miles in length but presents a majestic scene of rugged beauty, where the great river virtually goes through a mountain.

The Mighty Ayeyarwady River

The mighty Ayeyarwady is the bearer of Myanmar history and the symbol of its spirit. It is also the lifeblood of Myanmar. It is a river which has been the country’s__ major transportation route passing through from north to south entirely.┬áNavigable year-round for at least 1500 km, the Ayeyarwady has played a major role in domestic transport and communications for centuries.┬áMost of the countrie’s agriculture is centred along the floodplains of the 2000 km Ayeyarwaddy River.


Myitkyina is the capital of Kachin State home to colourful ethnic races and their Manau festivals. Myit-Hson (confluence), where the Mali-Hka and Nmai-Hka converge to form the confluence of the Ayeyarwady. This is a wondrous sight. Rocks and mountains are equally stunning.

Indawgyi Lake

Indawgyi Lake is the largest and the deepest lake in Myanmar. It is said to be the third biggest lake in the world. Its length is 14 miles (8-9 km) from north to south and it is 7 miles (4-5 km) broad from east to west. It is situated in Myitkyina.

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